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  1. link Castorcon
    over the counter substitute
    are there any over the counter medications that have the active ingredient of Darvon?
    Castorcon- over a year ago - in Darvon
  2. link Ssas
    ingredients in darvon
    Does Darvon have Tylenol in it?
    Ssas- over a year ago - in Darvon
  3. link Adettman
    Is Darvon compound with caffeine and aspirin discontinued
    Adettman- over a year ago - in Darvon
  4. link Jmorgia
    Darvon structure
    During the 1960's was darvon in a capsul form with the active ingrediant actuall a small round pellet inside the capsul?
    Jmorgia- over a year ago - in Darvon
  5. link Sunshine7525
    Darvon oxycodone, medication, withdrawal
    just need to know id this medication will help me with withdrawl systems with oxycodone?
    Sunshine7525- over a year ago - in Darvon
  6. link Danielc
    Darvon 65 Compound
    I am trying to find out the side effects of using Darvon 65 Compound over an extended period on time. The strength I have been using is 66 miligrams f - 33% more...
    Danielc- over a year ago - in Darvon
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