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  1. link Carys1993
    Decadron female pattern alopecia, visible loss, stretch marks, drug induced, androgens
    Has anyone been on long term decadron for hairloss due to elevated androgens from adrena gland? I did not have any visible loss then suddenly after over 2 years on it lost massive amount of hair that is showing all wide parts with change of texture t - 56% more...
    Carys1993- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Decadron
  2. link Aasha
    Listen, I do not know much about the drug, but, please do consult for atleast a further number of opinions from other doctors, be it online or offline, before you continue with it. there are a variety of drugs that could be taken for the same purpose - 41% more...
    Aasha- over a year ago
  3. link Concernedwife1
    Decadron hip bones, cancer treatments, hip replacement
    My husband was prescribed decadron while taking his cancer treatments. No one informed us that one of the side effects was death to the hip bones. He has now had one total hip replacement due to decadron and the other side will be done later this yea - 17% more...
    Concernedwife1- over a year ago - in Decadron
  4. link Mhammes7
    Decadron croup, pediatrician, convulsions
    My 8 year-old son got a Decadron with his Pediatrician because he was presenting symptoms of Croup. He ended in the E..R . with convulsions the area on his arm was painful to the touch for a week.
    Mhammes7- over a year ago - in Decadron
  5. link Ikseer
    can Decadron be used in reducing the oedema in facioplastic surgery
    am a plastic surgeon and i saw surgeons using the Decadron as one dose iv 8 to 12 mg one dose pre operative and 2 doses post operative iv in nasal surgery, facioplastic surgery i need the articles referring to the rule of usage of decadron in those t - 22% more...
    Ikseer- over a year ago - in Decadron
  6. link Lynnecraft
    Flu-like symptoms after injection
    I presented to ER with an allergic reaction of unknown origin. Itching hands, ears, swollen lips inside and outside, gasping for air, throat and lung constriction. Physician gave me injection IV of Decadron and Benadryl. I had an immediate onset of p - 72% more...
    Lynnecraft- over a year ago - in Decadron
  7. link Shrinkarella
    Decadron food allergy, decadron injection, sensitivity
    Got a Decadron injection for food allergy in right shoulder... burned badly at the time. Arm went "numb" and yet painful to the touch. 8 weeks later still feeling nerve-type sensitivity pain and/burning if pressure is applied!
    Shrinkarella- over a year ago - in Decadron
  8. link Rfox
    Decadron seen alot, decadron injection, menstrual irregularity, kenalog, slowing down
    I got my Decadron injection on Oct 17th. My period came 4 days late on the 25th and it never left. It has now been 3 weeks of bleeding. Has anyone else had similar experience? The side effects list menstrual irregularity, but 3 weeks? It is not showi - 33% more...
    Rfox- over a year ago - in Decadron
  9. link B_m2906
    Decadron heart rate, dry mouth
    Face real warm and severe dry mouth. Heart rate up to around 85bpm from my normal 70
    B_m2906- over a year ago - in Decadron
  10. link Masani
    I am extremely allergic to prednisone,cortisone and now I was just injected with
    Should I go to the emergency room or will I be able to tolerate the reaction till it wears off?
    Masani- over a year ago - in Decadron
  11. link Jthieman
    Decadron injection site, red hot, insomnia
    pain at injection site for days after shoot given, sleeplessness, and red & hot face also. shoot burned really bad
    Jthieman- over a year ago - in Decadron
  12. link Corina1234
    Decadron muscle atropy
    muscle atropy where the injection was given
    Corina1234- over a year ago - in Decadron
  13. link Nespears
    haven't slept in 2 days and I cant sit still!!
    Nespears- over a year ago - in Decadron
  14. link Llromsa
    Decadron red hot
    my face becaomes very red & hot for a couple of hours
    Llromsa- over a year ago - in Decadron