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  1. link Russell L. Strunk
    Horrors of depo Medrol injection in my knee
    Injected back in april of 2022. explosion of swelling and pain after passing out on the 6-7th day and finding myself on the bathroom floor. it took 2 - 84% more...
    Russell L. Strunk- 9 months ago - in Depo-Medrol
  2. link Kelli_10
    Dexamethason is giving me terrible anxiety and insomnia!
    I can't sleep through the night since I had it 6 days ago. I wake up between 3 and 4 am in a heavy sweat with my heart pounding. When will these side - 43% more...
    Kelli_10- over a year ago - in Depo-Medrol
  3. link Garlish
    depo medrol 80 injection
    Can it cause sleep disturbance? I had two shots today for sinus infection and know that one causes sleep disturbance which is dexamethasone. If depo m - 34% more...
    Garlish- over a year ago - in Depo-Medrol
  4. link Koolhotdog
    Sense of smell
    How does Depro-Medrol affect one's of smell? I get 80mg injections once a month on my spine.
    Koolhotdog- over a year ago - in Depo-Medrol
  5. link Debede
    Depo-Medrol dimple, prednisone, rash, pills, butt
    I was also given the option of the shot or pills. Was told it would work with just one shot. NO effect on symptoms and am sorry to say have started on - 55% more...
    Debede- over a year ago - in Depo-Medrol
  6. link Al_shakera
    age that can give depo -medrol
    in which age of children can give this product?
    Al_shakera- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Depo-Medrol
  7. link Veggiemeowgirl
    depo-medrol effects
    I got a shot five days agp for an allergic reaction...and now feel so sick...headaches, dizziness, anxiety, depression... how long will it be in my sy - 14% more...
    Veggiemeowgirl- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Depo-Medrol
  8. link Christie123
    blood pressure
    Can taking a Depo-Medrol raise your blood pressure? I got a shot on Feb. 5th then I was put on pill steroids on Feb. 28th due to having bad allergies - 67% more...
    Christie123- over a year ago - in Depo-Medrol
  9. link Bluez
    depro medrol
    I have gained extreme weight and have had other side effects like headache and sleeplessness. Does anyone know how long it takes for this drug to work - 34% more...
    Bluez- over a year ago - in Depo-Medrol
  10. link Nancyann
    Depo-Medrol degenerative disk disease, depomedrol, lumbar spine, tiny person, medrol
    I've been getting Depo-Medrol injections in my back for years for degenerative disk disease, and many other things with my back. I recently moved to a - 66% more...
    Nancyann- over a year ago - in Depo-Medrol
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