DermaCerin Side Effects

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  1. link Dennis C
    Tubes split open on bottom
    The new packaging: tubes split open. When I receive my Derma erin from the VA the tubes are split open on the bottom. The jars were much better. I have to scoop out the product & pack it into a container. It is messy & time consuming.The prod - 39% more...
    Dennis C- over a year ago - in DermaCerin
  2. link Gerirxer
    Ointment or cream?
    Is DermaCerin a cream or ointment, and what is it equivalent to? Hydrophilic Cream? Absorbase?
    Gerirxer- over a year ago - in DermaCerin
  3. link Hnichols
    DermaCerin versus Eucerin
    Is this product safe to use on premature neonates? We currently use Eucerin Cream on our neonates for delicate, dry skin. Your product has more ingredients than Eucerin. Thanks! Heidi N. NICU Staff Nurse
    Hnichols- over a year ago - in DermaCerin