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  1. link Tussyus
    Dibenzyline extreme tiredness, panic attack
    panic attacks, total confusion, extreme tiredness, thoughts of hurting myself,etc.
    Tussyus- over a year ago - in Dibenzyline
  2. link Garlon999
    Getting off Dibenzyline
    I have been taking Dibenzyline 19 years. It was prescribed for me to control an over-production of adrenaline. There were no tumors or cancer. My pres - 91% more...
    Garlon999- over a year ago - in Dibenzyline
  3. link Sophiaddd
    dibenzyline cost
    My mother is a patient who has a Pheochromocytoma. The only medication that will control her blood pressure is dibenzyline. The medication is so expen - 81% more...
    Sophiaddd- over a year ago - in Dibenzyline
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