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  1. link Doctormom
    i get mildly depressed on diflucan.
    Doctormom- over a year ago - in Diflucan
  2. link Ab1979
    Diflucan stomach pains, yeast infection, lactose, dairy products, bm
    I am 26 weeks pregnant and doctor found that I had a yeast infection. She prescribed the one dose Diflucan, assuring me that it was safe in the later - 78% more...
    Ab1979- over a year ago - in Diflucan
  3. link Pdean
    Thinning cervics/early labor
    My daughter had cronic yeast infections. Her vaginitis specialist had her on diflucan on 6 months off 3 for about 3 years. Her first pregnancy she has - 74% more...
    Pdean- over a year ago - in Diflucan
  4. link Psaspecialist
    100 mg versus 150 for yeast
    I had some samples of 100 mg diflucan. I took one Sunday night, because it felt like I had yeast infection. The next day, I looked up the correct/usua - 61% more...
    Psaspecialist- over a year ago - in Diflucan
  5. link Dust
    I took 200 mg 12 hours ago... It is four AM and I am not sleepy....
    Dust- over a year ago - in Diflucan
  6. link Rivituso
    Diflucan & Pregnancy
    Can you take Diflucan if you are pregnant?
    Rivituso- over a year ago - in Diflucan
  7. link Ktb
    Pregnancy and Diflucan
    Can you use this medication when pregnant?
    Ktb- over a year ago - in Diflucan
  8. link Stargazer
    Diflucan blisters, lips, satellite, drug reaction
    I had a terrible reaction to Diflucan. Itching all over my body, blisters on my lips and fixed drug reaction spots on my face as well as a couple of s - 21% more...
    Stargazer- over a year ago - in Diflucan
  9. link Rakey
    Diflucan yeast infection, cotton cloth, vaginal area, severly, cool water
    Diflucan cleared my yeast infection within hours and I felt great but did experience itching over most of my body but most severly in my vaginal area - 57% more...
    Rakey- over a year ago - in Diflucan
  10. link Theburgh18
    diflucan and breastfeeding
    Does anyone know if I can take Diflucan for a yeast infection and breastfeed my 7month old baby!
    Theburgh18- over a year ago - in Diflucan
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