Dilaudid Side Effects

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  1. link Gayegasper
    medication conversions
    How do I convert a dose of dilaudid to another sq dose of meds
    Gayegasper- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Dilaudid
  2. link Dianam
    Is Ibelex 500 ok for uterus infections?
    Dianam- over a year ago
  3. link Nagle61
    getting diuadid
    I just got home from the er. I went because of terrible pain on my left side going to the back. They did a ct scan and said I have diverticulosis( if I spelled it right). I am 47 and for the last 10 years I have had several bowel obstructions that ca - 59% more...
    Nagle61- over a year ago - in Dilaudid
  4. link Sandman
    tromethamine why did my urine come back positive for opiates
    is there opiates in tromethamine????????????
    Sandman- over a year ago - in Dilaudid
  5. link Gracie2bear
    Toradol and Dilaudid
    I was given both at the same time for pain. Anyone have this:? The Toradol every 6 hours, Dilaudid every hour. I was definitely out of pain and did sleep on it. No side effects so far.
    Gracie2bear- over a year ago - in Dilaudid
  6. link Ladyceejay
    Dilaudid 6 shots, back spasms, benadryl, radio frequency, wits
    I received dilaudid after having shots in my back for pain due to degenerated discs. After the 6 shots I experienced serious back spasms, while still at the hospital. The doctor told me that could happen to some patients. Well the pain was so severe - 59% more...
    Ladyceejay- over a year ago - in Dilaudid
  7. link Patient66
    Dilaudid crack cocaine, great shape, pain killer, tunnel vision, paramedics
    I injured my back at work. Went to the hospital and the pain was killer. They gave me a shot of this crap and I had the worst reaction to it. I was sweating like I was on crack cocaine. My body was on fire and I began to get tunnel vision until I alm - 66% more...
    Patient66- over a year ago - in Dilaudid
  8. link Ltm
    Dilaudid shortness of breath, digestive system, nauseas, constipated, spine
    My dad has dilaudid in his pain pump that goes right to his lower spine. It has slowed down digestive system. Food is staying longer in his stomach and is not processing thru his system properly. As a result he is always nauseas. He is constipated al - 18% more...
    Ltm- over a year ago - in Dilaudid
  9. link Auntjamime
    Dilaudid heart area, time breathing, hard time, medication
    I had a hard time breathing and it felt like I couldn't get any air. I also felt like my chest was tightening up around my heart area. Does this medication have any sulfa in it? I am very allergic to sulfas.
    Auntjamime- over a year ago - in Dilaudid
  10. link Wildwilly0707
    does coffee cause any side effects with Dilaudid? does smoking cause any side effects with Dilaudid?
    Wildwilly0707- over a year ago - in Dilaudid
  11. link Laurien507
    wanting to know more
    Laurien507- over a year ago - in Dilaudid
  12. link Jeannie
    what is dilaudid? how is it different from morphine other than it's much stronger? iS IT DIFFERENT FROM MORPHINE? JEAN
    Jeannie- over a year ago - in Dilaudid