DimenhyDRINATE Side Effects

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  1. link Tamischin
    DimenhyDRINATE tremors, motor skills
    Sleepy, tremors, motor skills, speech I am a mess right now and want to know how long before this wears off.
    Tamischin- over a year ago - in DimenhyDRINATE
  2. link Mclarsa
    DimenhyDRINATE constricted pupils
    constricted pupils
    Mclarsa- over a year ago - in DimenhyDRINATE
  3. link Carcinogenicsanguine
    To much makes you feel like weeeeeeeeeeeeee =\
    Carcinogenicsanguine- over a year ago - in DimenhyDRINATE
  4. link Wendymichael
    DimenhyDRINATE tis, medication, side affects
    i took this medication for nausea and it made me extremely sick for at least 12 hours i do not recommend anyone take tis pill the side affects are horrible...
    Wendymichael- over a year ago - in DimenhyDRINATE
  5. link Zippyxxx
    DimenhyDRINATE skin cancers, overcast day, burns, skin effects, johnsons
    Severe reaction with use in sun...phototoxic burns almost as severe as Steven Johnsons synodrome,having residual skin effects. Do NOT use the medicine and go into the sun,even on a total overcast day! Your skin will never be the same and you'll get s - 15% more...
    Zippyxxx- over a year ago - in DimenhyDRINATE