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  1. link Sjogrenhelp
    Ditropan and Sjogren's?
    Can you take Ditropan if you have Sjogren's? I have Sjogren's with dry mouth etc. . ., but my head sweats excessively and I am having incontinence pro - 21% more...
    Sjogrenhelp- over a year ago - in Ditropan
  2. link Ptfinal
    Ditropan ditropan xl, dry mouth, constipation
    Taking Ditropan XL 15 mg. at night. Extremely dry mouth and always thirsty. Somewhat constipation. Not able to prespire.
    Ptfinal- over a year ago - in Ditropan
  3. link Alizabens
    Hard to go to the bathroom. Feels like you need to go really badly and when you go it doesn't come out.
    Alizabens- over a year ago - in Ditropan
  4. link Joy60health
    Does it effect the use of Lassix. I need Lassix to get the fluid off. But I need the Ditropan for overactive bladder. Even when I don't take Lassix or - 39% more...
    Joy60health- over a year ago - in Ditropan
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