Ditropan XL Side Effects

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  1. link Buddha443556
    Ditropan XL acute urinary retention, active bladder, ditropan, ibs, bonus
    I go to the doctor for acute urinary retention and he diagnoses over-active bladder and prescribes Ditropan XL 5mg. Second day I stop peeing. Gee, it is contraindicated for urinary retention. As a bonus it has set off my IBS. FQ. <--- Guess what t - 5% more...
    Buddha443556- over a year ago - in Ditropan XL
  2. link Artist70
    Ditropan XL frequent bouts, zegerid, statin drug, ditropan, coumadin
    I am taking zegerid 40mg around 10 p:m for 2 years. Zegerid used to work well. Recently I have started to take ditropan-xl 5mg, zocor- 10 mg, a statin drug, and coumadin. I am having frequent bouts of diarrhea with terrible cramps. I wonder if I am h - 42% more...
    Artist70- over a year ago - in Ditropan XL