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  1. link Angelaeastcoast2
    Doryx duac, health challenges, retin a micro, topical gel, aleve
    I just received the prescription today- very little information given by the doctor- so I looked up some information and found this site. I am most wo - 81% more...
    Angelaeastcoast2- over a year ago - in Doryx
  2. link Back2square1
    Doryx yeast infection, doxycyclin, monistat, urethra, gyno
    I had taken Doryx (doxycycline) for acne for about three weeks when I suddenly developed burning "down there"(more towards the urethra) . I - 69% more...
    Back2square1- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Doryx
  3. link Collette619
    When should i be concerned ?
    I have been taking Doryx for 3 months now along with using Differin Gel once a day as directed and have seen minimal results . How much longer should - 43% more...
    Collette619- over a year ago - in Doryx
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