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  1. link Irishginger
    Dostinex calf muscle pain, legs and thighs, pain in calf, poor circulation, heart flutter
    pain in calf muscle, pain in ankle; legs; and thighs, scary heart flutter, poor circulation in fingers.
    Irishginger- over a year ago - in Dostinex
  2. link Chuckeepaws
    would like to read other!s experiences
    Chuckeepaws- over a year ago - in Dostinex
  3. link Mkj467
    Mkj467- over a year ago - in Dostinex
  4. link Andy681
    Dostinex irregular heart beat, neck shoulder, pain in left side, pain in left side of chest, left ankle
    Irregular heart beat. Pain in left side of chest, back, neck, shoulder and left arm. Swollen, painfull left ankle. General aches. Only 3 hours sleep a - 5% more...
    Andy681- over a year ago - in Dostinex
  5. link Lilmitch91
    Dostinex helps me with the high level of prolactin , it helps bring it down.. Appettie slows down and weight loss is great..
    Lilmitch91- over a year ago - in Dostinex
  6. link Butterflyant34
    Dostinex light headed dizzy, chronic headache, wishy washy
    After the first time I took .25 mg of dostinex, I felt very tired, fatigued sleepy light headed dizzy chronic headache disconnection feeling, out of i - 9% more...
    Butterflyant34- over a year ago - in Dostinex
  7. link Ren_007
    Dostinex loss of appetite, burning ears, stuffy nose, runny nose, sleepiness
    - Stuffy Nose - Runny Nose - Headaches - Red, Hot, Burning Ears - Severe Fatigue & Sleepiness - Loss of Appetite - Intense Weight Loss
    Ren_007- over a year ago - in Dostinex
  8. link Anitathpmpson2
    Iwould like to know if these tablets work,and why i need to take only half tablet twice week.Is it because i on the menopause im only 36 im very scare - 25% more...
    Anitathpmpson2- over a year ago - in Dostinex
  9. link Watt_karina
    Dostinex second time, headache, vomiting
    After the second time I took the pill I started to vomit and i also had a horrible head ache.
    Watt_karina- over a year ago - in Dostinex
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