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  1. link Kristylew
    Dramamine taken daily, what are the long term affects?
    I have what I'll call chronic dizziness and nausea and I have been taking Dramamine daily for almost 3 months. Last year I took it for 5 or 6 months s - 45% more...
    Kristylew- over a year ago - in Dramamine
  2. link Roxana
    Can dramamine liquid create addiction?
    I have a 3 year old daughter, and right before we get on a plane when we travel (1-2 times a year) I give her the recommended dosage for kids of Drama - 42% more...
    Roxana- over a year ago - in Dramamine
  3. link Janetaford
    dramamine in the uk
    Why has Dramamine been taken off the m,arket in the uk
    Janetaford- over a year ago - in Dramamine
  4. link Dnness
    Dnness- over a year ago - in Dramamine
  5. link Joannab
    Dramamine & kids
    Wjat is the dosage for dramamine for kids? We are going on a cruise for 3 weeks and alhtough I know it is optimal to not give kids anything, if they d - 46% more...
    Joannab- over a year ago - in Dramamine
  6. link William
    Is dramamine or can a person become Depended on it
    I started useing Dramamine too help me sleep Or get too sleep. I have now been useing it every day when im ready too go too bed for the last 5 months. - 38% more...
    William- over a year ago - in Dramamine
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