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  1. link Creamcoat
    Econopred post nasal drip, defintely, sore throat, sinus, congestion
    It defintely doesn't seem to be a common response but I'm convinced that Econopred is causing me to have congestion and sinus issues. As soon as I sta - 59% more...
    Creamcoat- over a year ago - in Econopred
  2. link Drewsturgis
    Econopred few minutes
    red,inflamed, painful, unable to see the first few minutes after awaking.
    Drewsturgis- over a year ago - in Econopred
  3. link Freddyj19
    Econopred facial complexion, eye drops, skin problems, coincidental
    As long as I was using Econopred eye drops my facial complexion,area of eyes, nose, chin, was red, dry, scaly and itchy. When I quit using them, it be - 48% more...
    Freddyj19- over a year ago - in Econopred
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