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  1. link Sandie34241
    How long is long enough? the Dr's don't seem to agree.
    Why is there such a difference in Dr.'s directions, i.e. 2 weeks vs. 4 weeks vs. 6 weeks of treatment? Also, why is the chest so much more unbearable? - 61% more...
    Sandie34241- over a year ago - in Efudex
  2. link Katia
    Efudex use on BCC on scalp
    If 5% Efudex is applied to a BCC on scalp, will hair fall out and will it spread to a larger area then the small spot off BCC?
    Katia- over a year ago - in Efudex
  3. link Eddybee
    Efudex headaches, headache, efudex, throbbing headaches
    I have been applying Efudex twice daily for two days per week. I am in my third week, and I have had a headache for the past two days. I rarely get he - 31% more...
    Eddybee- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Efudex
  4. link Wingham
    efudex for high risk hpv
    Looking for some info from women who have used efudex of hpv of the cervix please. Thanks, Wendy
    Wingham- over a year ago - in Efudex
  5. link Ralph1
    Efudex creatine, dad
    My Dad was using Efudex and his PT/INR increased above the therapeutic level. Now his creatine has increased. After he was taken off of the Efudex his - 22% more...
    Ralph1- over a year ago - in Efudex
  6. link Toolsnspace
    I can't handle the pain!
    I have been on efudex 5% for approx 10 days now on my entire upper chest area and the pain is so bad that it has gotten to the point in which I am in - 72% more...
    Toolsnspace- over a year ago - in Efudex
  7. link Icongirl
    What do you do when you have used EFUDEX for 60 days and it is dry and red, is there a certain cream that is recommended?
    Icongirl- over a year ago - in Efudex
  8. link Sueeclark
    Efudex hot bath, bad acne, effudex, sun damage, typical reaction
    It has been a monthan a half since I finished efudex treatmnt. Whenever I take a hot bath or get overly warm , the areas to which i applied the efudex - 39% more...
    Sueeclark- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Efudex
  9. link Lctamboer
    Efudex antibiotics cipro, mohs surgery, red scab, dark crust, one year later
    I used Efudex Solution on my scalp for 6 weeks. It resulted in a thick dark red scab that had to be removed by a doctor. I was then instructed to use - 66% more...
    Lctamboer- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Efudex
  10. link Queeniebeme
    waiting for results
    I started using Efudex on my entire face 2Xday on 12/18/02, still no affects by 12/24. I was originally told to use it for 2 weeks, when I spoke to th - 85% more...
    Queeniebeme- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Efudex
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