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  1. link Jayne129
    Couldn't breathe!
    The day I filled the script, I put it on and went to bed, as I was supposed to. I woke up in the middle of the night with my heart pounding, feeling l - 50% more...
    Jayne129- over a year ago - in Elidel
  2. link Nattymom
    Elidel sore throat
    Sore throat in a 7 year old
    Nattymom- over a year ago - in Elidel
  3. link Bernie18
    cramping while on Elidel
    My Dermatologist prescribed Elidel Cream 1% for a skin condition on my face - I started treatment on Feb. 2, 2005 and continued until March 10, 2005, - 86% more...
    Bernie18- over a year ago - in Elidel
  4. link Threejimenez
    Elidel sore throat
    sore throat.
    Threejimenez- over a year ago - in Elidel
  5. link Tammyvalentin
    treated area became tingly, then started to get numb. stopped using and within 24 hrs. numbing was gone
    Tammyvalentin- over a year ago - in Elidel
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