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  1. link Djconley
    esgic life in body
    how long will the butlbtl stay in the body and show up on a drug screen
    Djconley- over a year ago - in Esgic
  2. link Jenn985
    what is the difference
    Ok I have gotten too much conflicting information can anyone help me find what is the real answer to my question. What is the difference between Esgic - 10% more...
    Jenn985- over a year ago - in Esgic
  3. link Thefarrs
    shelf life of Esgic Plus
    I need to know the Shelf Life of Esgic Plus. K.Farr
    Thefarrs- over a year ago - in Esgic
  4. link Newsunrising
    Esgic Plus -
    At times, I have severe asthma and had noticed that whenever I had a migraine headache and took esgic plus, that my asthma went away within 45-60 minu - 80% more...
    Newsunrising- over a year ago - in Esgic
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