Eskalith Side Effects

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  1. link I_amatitle
    Eskalith stomach aches, blood sugar, triliptal, medication
    I've been on Eskalith for little over 4 months now... I am afraid of my blood sugar rising but... my doctor hopes I'm off of the medication in a year or so (I don't quite believe that). I take 450 2x a day and I have very very bad stomach aches if I - 32% more...
    I_amatitle- over a year ago - in Eskalith
  2. link Charlie6591
    Eskalith blood sugar, bipolar disorder, long story short, pharmaceutical companies, calm down
    user beware!!!!!!!!! bipolar disorder runs in my family, i unfortunately inherited this vicious disease. i was on eskalith 300 mg. 3 times a day. over time the drug did calm down my manic episodes, but as time went on for it took more than a year. my - 75% more...
    Charlie6591- over a year ago - in Eskalith