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  1. link Jenarcher06
    false positive pregancy test
    I did in vitro and have 5 more days until my blood test. I took 4 pregnancy tests today and they all say I'm pregnant. Could this be a false positive - 28% more...
    Jenarcher06- over a year ago - in Estrace
  2. link Rose442
    Hello my name is Rose Smith and I just recently had a miscarriage on June 18th/07. I did IVF to get pregnant, but after the embryo transfer, my doctor - 61% more...
    Rose442- over a year ago - in Estrace
  3. link Guest204
    Estrace weight gain
    weight gain
    Guest204- over a year ago - in Estrace
  4. link Arnoldhuckeby
    Concerned Husband
    Does anyone know if one of the side effects of Estrase is an increased triglyceride level? Thanks
    Arnoldhuckeby- over a year ago - in Estrace
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