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  1. link Canadarose
    how long?
    how long shoukd it take for the estraderm to start working? And is there any better way to keep the patch from coming off in bath or shower?
    Canadarose- over a year ago - in Estraderm
  2. link Mctasi
    Estraderm estraderm patch, breasts, time please
    I am not sure, but for some reason my breasts especially the left one has enlarged. I have noticed this for the last 4 or 5 months. I still weigh the - 68% more...
    Mctasi- over a year ago - in Estraderm
  3. link Peterwhiteside
    Estraderm 50
    I am 67, have been taking Estraderm 50, in the form of a patch, for 17 yrs. Would like to know the best way to come off!
    Peterwhiteside- over a year ago - in Estraderm
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