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  1. link Kt40
    Coming back to Estrostep
    I took Estrostep for 2 years and only switched because my periods were long. I have been on Loesterin 24 and having all kinds of weird side effects. I really was happy on Estrostep and plan on coming back as soon as this pack of Loesterin is done. Lo - 29% more...
    Kt40- over a year ago - in Estrostep Fe
  2. link Missyanne
    Estrostep Fe brown spots, yaz, 17 years
    caused many brown spots on my face
    Missyanne- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Estrostep Fe
  3. link Shellbee3
    I have a lot of brown spots on my face.... I went to the doctor and she gave me some cream but it doesn't work. I have literally tried everything and i need help. I'm on 17 years old and I have been on yaz since i was 14. Someone please help me and t - 17% more...
    Shellbee3- over a year ago
  4. link Jlovell
    Estrostep Fe large pores, estrostep, need more time, time to tell, acne
    Within days of starting estrostep my face, upper arms and upper part of my back broke out. Thought it would start to clear up, but no sign. It's getting worse and itches/hurts on my face. My ob/gyn prescribed it to HELP my acne, oilyness and large po - 36% more...
    Jlovell- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Estrostep Fe
  5. link Hotconey
    Hi my name is erica, i have been taking estrostep for about 2 weeks. my face has broke out too. i believe your face has to break out in order to get better. my skin is starting to get better. your body has to get use to the hormone. i was put on estr - 22% more...
    Hotconey- over a year ago
  6. link Jeslynn05
    Estrostep Fe ordeal, birth control, estrostep
    Estrostep was always good for me. I have tried a more stable birth control and it didn't work out, so I am going back to the estrostep. I surely hope after my ordeal with Mirena, Estrostep is just as good as it was for me the first time!
    Jeslynn05- over a year ago - in Estrostep Fe
  7. link Meganamber
    Estrostep Fe estrostep
    I've been on estrostep for one month and things were going great until my fourth week into the cycle. I had my period about a week ago and I am still bleeding randomly.. did anyone else have this problem or is this normal in your first cycle of the p - 2% more...
    Meganamber- over a year ago - in Estrostep Fe
  8. link Ashpc
    Estrostep Fe doctors say, losing my mind, bouts, dizziness, my heart
    I am having bouts of very bad dizziness and faint feeling, my heart will begin racing and then I become very anxious and nervous and then my head begins to hurt. I feel like I am losing my mind because I have had so many tests run and doctors say I a - 16% more...
    Ashpc- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Estrostep Fe
  9. link Cdm89
    Oh my god.. my jaw dropped when i read your post! i have the same issues and every single test i've had done came up normal... every doctor i went to say that it's probably just stress from school or work. But I actually started getting those symptom - 60% more...
    Cdm89- over a year ago
  10. link Burkec85
    Estrostep Fe junel fe, ortho tri cyclen, low calorie diet, bloating and constipation, diet change
    I've taken Estrostep for at least 7 years now, and I thought I have been symptom free until just recently I started to question some unusual symptoms and if they were caused from my birth control. I've had terrible bloating and constipation for the p - 72% more...
    Burkec85- over a year ago - in Estrostep Fe
  11. link Grkomorfia
    Estrostep Fe cry alot, estrostep, bf, weight gain, breakouts
    i used to take estrostep a few years ago and i was fine i never even gained weight felt like nothing, here i am taking it again and in my 3rd month, i have never been this depressed in my life, i cry alot i get mad at everything im always fighting wi - 46% more...
    Grkomorfia- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Estrostep Fe
  12. link Nc12
    sorta going through the same thing. I took estrostep about 2 years ago and it was great, cleared up my acne well. I got off it due to cost and tried some other pills in hope to get the same skin results. I didn't, so i went back on estrostep. The pas - 32% more...
    Nc12- over a year ago
  13. link Nc12
    estrostep and acne
    So i never had acne problems until i started my freshman yr in college. I went on estrostep and it completely cleared up my face, beginning in my first pack. However, I had to switch because of cost, and at the time they did not have a genetic. I tri - 68% more...
    Nc12- over a year ago - in Estrostep Fe
  14. link Deark1
    Estrostep Fe orth tri cyclen, orth tri cyclen lo, bloat, tri cyclen lo, cramp
    I had been taking Estrostep for about 2.5 years, and it was almost like i wasn't on any pills. I had normal symptoms, I'd bloat a lil the week before my period, and get hungry. The day my period would start i would get extremely tired. But otherwise - 66% more...
    Deark1- over a year ago - in Estrostep Fe
  15. link Priscillahood
    Estrostep Fe cramps
    I started taking Estrostep Fe when I was 14, and just recently stopped back in May for no reason really. I just started back on them a few weeks ago and I'm have some pretty bad cramps and keep thinking I'm about to start my period because I can't st - 27% more...
    Priscillahood- over a year ago - in Estrostep Fe
  16. link Dk32
    Estrostep Fe ruptured ovarian cyst, irritable bowel syndrome, cysts, panic attacks, 4 months
    I started on Estrostep 4 months ago. I had been on it about 6 years ago but stopped taking it when my husband and I started our family. After my second child, I was debating BC methods. Four mos ago, I went to the ER with a ruptured ovarian cyst. Tes - 65% more...
    Dk32- over a year ago - in Estrostep Fe
  17. link Emur80
    Estrostep Fe negative side effects, menstral symptoms, disapeared, personal dryness, digestive problems
    I have been taking Estrostep Fe since 2001. Before that I had tried other pills and had horrible side effecgts including nausea, extreme personal dryness and digestive problems. Once I began taking Estrostep, I expereinced no negative side effects. T - 55% more...
    Emur80- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Estrostep Fe
  18. link S_tourk
    Have you ever skipped your period toatally for the month?
    S_tourk- over a year ago
  19. link S_tourk
    Estrostep Fe ortho novum, gain weight
    I started on Estropstep Fe about 7 years ago and during that time I switched once to Ortho-Novum (which I did not like at all). Ortho-Novum made me gain weight and just did not feel good on it... So I switched back to Estrostep Fe about 2 years ago a - 59% more...
    S_tourk- over a year ago - in Estrostep Fe
  20. link Kacie1
    Estrostep Fe estrostep, messes, ativan, blood pressure, bp
    My side effects have mainly to do with the generic for Estrostep. It is called Tri Le Gest FE. In one month it raised my blood pressure from 120/80 to 144/99. My doctor put me on Ativan thinking I had anxiety. That reacted badly also. Ended up in the - 58% more...
    Kacie1- over a year ago - in Estrostep Fe
  21. link Sue111
    Skipping the placebo pills
    Can I skip the placebo pills in my packet and continue on to the next packet in order not to have my period this month?
    Sue111- over a year ago - in Estrostep Fe
  22. link Kacie1
    Generic form Tri le gest
    Has anyone tried the generic and noticed an dramatic increase in blood pressure? mine went from 120/80 to 144/99. I ended up the ER last night with 165/100.
    Kacie1- over a year ago - in Estrostep Fe
  23. link Christine07
    Estrostep Fe red dots, generic brand, vitamin b, rash, few days
    well...I've been taking estro step for a about a year and i noticed the week before my period i would itch my skin like crazy, especially at night it kept me awake and it was so annoying so my doctor told me to take vitamin b and it helped somewhat a - 58% more...
    Christine07- over a year ago - in Estrostep Fe
  24. link Julieb
    Estrostep Fe estrostep, blood clots
    Hi I had been on Estrostep for 2 years and I hated it it caused me to have blood clots every time my period would come since I have been of the pill I have not had a period its been a year.
    Julieb- over a year ago - in Estrostep Fe
  25. link Sighlent
    Estrostep Fe hormone levels change, birth control, alot, fyi, birth controls
    I have taken Estrostep Fe for as long as I can remember. I have always experienced pretty much all of the symptoms I have read here since I began taking it. This was the first and only birth control I have ever tried. From what I'm reading though, it - 93% more...
    Sighlent- over a year ago - in Estrostep Fe
  26. link Hannah07
    Estrostep Fe caffeine withdrawals, sleep deprivation, severe headaches, headache
    I have been taking Estrostep FE for almost 3 years now. About 4 months ago, I noticed that I had a slightly bad headache everyday. I would get this about 2 hours after I took the pill. At first, I thought it was from sleep deprivation, or caffeine wi - 37% more...
    Hannah07- over a year ago - in Estrostep Fe
  27. link Cutyme1
    Estrostep Fe seizing, hormones, depression
    I was on the pill for 2 years & then stopped for a few months b/c was low on funds. Started taking it again seemed like I was doing fine for a few days then started to get extremely depressed to the point that I was worrying my family with how de - 65% more...
    Cutyme1- over a year ago - in Estrostep Fe
  28. link Kmb2127
    Estrostep Fe chronic yeast infections, collegiate athlete, mood swings, last two months, medication
    I recently stopped taking Estrostep FE within the last two months. I was on Estrostep for roughly 18 months. I am a collegiate athlete, very healthy, 130lbs. - When I began taking this drug I started getting chronic yeast infections - they were mild, - 63% more...
    Kmb2127- over a year ago - in Estrostep Fe
  29. link Yacevedo
    Estrostep Fe possibility of being, being pregnant, dark thick, first period, different times
    Is it possible to have no period on the pill. First period very dark, thick and only for a short period of time. Thought of the possibility of being pregnant. Tested myself 4 different times since the middle of July. All test are negative. Stopped pi - 26% more...
    Yacevedo- over a year ago - in Estrostep Fe