Ethezyme Side Effects

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  1. link Wynveen2
    Ethezyme blood thinner medication, congestive heart failure, home health agency, leg ulcers, open wounds
    My 92 year old mother-in-law had been using this product with her home health agency. She always experienced burning, drawing sensation and pain to the affected areas with her leg ulcers. She continually has alot of drainage and requires daily drsg c - 65% more...
    Wynveen2- over a year ago - in Ethezyme
  2. link Jeanner007
    Ethezyme i am suffering, generic product
    The only side effect I am suffering is the cost of purchasing Ethezyme for my father. Is there a generic product out there that provides the same healthy solution that Ethezyme does for a lesser cost?
    Jeanner007- over a year ago - in Ethezyme
  3. link Dick.411
    My dick burns!!
    What is Ethezyme for because I really need it!
    Dick.411- over a year ago - in Ethezyme