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  1. link Lilgreenbug
    Increased knee pain following Euflexxa injections
    I am a 57 year old woman with wear in both knees. I'm in need of knee replacements, but my doctor would like to be able to wait until I am 60 if possi - 62% more...
    Lilgreenbug- over a year ago - in Euflexxa
  2. link Autume
    euflexxa and relief
    i just completed 3 shots of euflexxa how long does it take before you see a difference
    Autume- over a year ago - in Euflexxa
  3. link Dommi24
    Euflexxa ankle fusion, tingling sensation, two shots, osteoarthritis, ache
    I have been given two shots of Euflexxa for ankle osteoarthritis. Although not FDA approved for this use, I told my Dr. I was willing to try anything - 59% more...
    Dommi24- over a year ago - in Euflexxa
  4. link Whyme123
    How do I access to read the "50 side effects of Euflexxa"?
    Whyme123- over a year ago - in Euflexxa
  5. link Chemmie
    Euflexxa burning sensation, kneecap
    My knee feels much better but I still have some swelling and weakness in it. Sometimes, I feel a burning sensation radiating around my kneecap
    Chemmie- over a year ago - in Euflexxa
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