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  1. link Mycouncil
    Fastin stomach discomfort, headache, heart
    I've only been on Fastin 2 days. My heart has had palpitations some and I've been nauseated a little and some stomach discomfort and headache.
    Mycouncil- over a year ago - in Fastin
  2. link Soapmom
    Fastin sick to my stomach, upset stomach, dry mouth, cravings, phentermine
    I have been on Fastin for 6 days now. Have not lost 1 lb. as yet. What it has done is stop my cravings for sweets, which is good. The thing I have not - 73% more...
    Soapmom- over a year ago - in Fastin
  3. link Melinda_cook
    Fastin ionimin, blah, medicines, adipex, phentermine
    Actually this is the only diet pilll that I have tried that I didn't really have side effects using. Its phentermine just like Adipex and Ionimin BUT - 59% more...
    Melinda_cook- over a year ago - in Fastin
  4. link Angelabrown
    Fastin health problems
    i just got my fastin from my doctor and he told me that i should try it because i dont have any health problems
    Angelabrown- over a year ago - in Fastin
  5. link Rivahladydi
    treatment and side effects please
    Rivahladydi- over a year ago - in Fastin
  6. link Chefnicole
    Fastin headache
    headache and tired
    Chefnicole- over a year ago - in Fastin
  7. link Telstar5019
    Fastin thyroid
    can you please list the side effects of this drug, i am diabetic need to loose more weight it is working but I am very nervous with it, please get bac - 25% more...
    Telstar5019- over a year ago - in Fastin
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