Felodipine Side Effects

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  1. link Shirlrn52
    Elderly female
    Can I take my felodipine before bedtime, rather than in AM?....It seems to make me quite tired?
    Shirlrn52- over a year ago - in Felodipine
  2. link Chisholm
    Felodipine numbness
    5mg Felodipine daily, numbness down lefthand side(hand & leg) & odema
    Chisholm- over a year ago - in Felodipine
  3. link Joeblack1968
    Side Effects
    Hi, Does anyone know or have experience of side effects on Felodopine? My mother is taking it and has been feeling sick, weak and shivery since then. She is also suffering from chronic fatigue syndrone in here legs or is this a side effect? Thanks fo - 7% more...
    Joeblack1968- over a year ago - in Felodipine
  4. link Coker
    How much does the NHS pay for Felodipine
    I need to know how much my medication is costing the NHS
    Coker- over a year ago - in Felodipine
  5. link Ronmed
    Felodipine left hand side, numbness, torso, lips
    Originally started on 2.5mg felodipine which was raised to 5mg after about two weeks experienced numbnes around lips and hand. Reduced dose(1day ago) but numbness is still present and has extended to left leg and left hand side of torso.
    Ronmed- over a year ago - in Felodipine