Femhrt 1 Mg/5 Mcg Side Effects

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  1. link Deb1954
    Is femhrt better than Prempro?
    Is femhrt better than prempro? I took Prempro for about 4 or 5 months and at first it worked wonderfully with night sweats and hot flashes but after a while I had to go to a higher dose then a few months later it was making my legs cramp bad- I could - 30% more...
    Deb1954- over a year ago - in femhrt 1 mg/5 mcg
  2. link Gidget
    femhrt 1 mg/5 mcg hrt, blood pressure
    I am not sure but I think I may be experiencing a higher blood pressure reading than normal since I started on Femhrt. It has been running in the 140's over 70's. Of course I know my BP will never be like it was when I was 25 and running 5 miles a da - 23% more...
    Gidget- over a year ago - in femhrt 1 mg/5 mcg