Fenofibrate Side Effects

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  1. link Peg1937
    Fenofibrate muscles, few days
    I have sharp pain in my muscles all over my body. I have tingling and pain in my feet. I quit taking fenofibrate a few days ago. I slept last night without the hurting in my feet and other parts of my body
    Peg1937- over a year ago - in Fenofibrate
  2. link Carlsons84
    Fenofibrate massive muscle, zocor, spades, 10 years
    Any problems with this drug? My husband was taken off of Zocor due to massive muscle aches and soreness, though it took getting aggressive with the doctor to get them to admit Zocor does this...10 years later, 10 years lost.....now Trylipex (not sure - 36% more...
    Carlsons84- over a year ago - in Fenofibrate