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  1. link Samah
    type of gylatine?
    what type of gylatine used in ferrex 150 forte? is it from plant source or animal? and if from animal is it from pork?
    Samah- over a year ago - in Ferrex-150 Forte
  2. link Shallman
    Replacement for Nifferex 150 Forte
    Has anyone had their pharmacy/drug plan change their RX from Nifferex 150-Forte to Ferrex-150 Forte? My understanding of Nifferex was that it was an I - 40% more...
    Shallman- over a year ago - in Ferrex-150 Forte
  3. link Rsl_26
    cost for ferrex 150 forte
    why it is worth more than the cheaper iron available
    Rsl_26- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Ferrex-150 Forte
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