In the US, Fiorinal is a combination analgesic medication consisting of aspirin, the barbiturate butalbital and caffeine, in other countries the formulation may differ, for example, in Australia Fiorinal consists of paracetamol, codeine phosphate, and the sedative antihistamine doxylamine. Some US formulations also contain the opioid codeine. It is indicated for the treatment of tension headaches and is often used off-label (without approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)) to treat migraines. The mechanism of action is not well understood. Since butalbital is habit-forming, using the US Formulation of Fiorinal daily can lead to dependency. Fiorinal #3 contains: 30 mg codeine, 50 mg butalbital, 40 mg caffeine, and 325 mg aspirin.


Fiorinal Discussions

  1. link Leni66
    othe uses for this px
    I was prescribed this directly after experiencing a severe car wreck. However, since then, I have hada great deal of problems renewing my PX. What do - 4% more...
    Leni66- over a year ago - in Fiorinal
  2. link Christel1
    effect of capsule versus tablet?
    I experience a weaker effect of the capsule versus the tablet. Why is that?It seems to me that the capsule is less effective.
    Christel1- over a year ago - in Fiorinal
  3. link Hope_beck
    but/asa/caf/cod = fiorinal w/cod @ soma
    do you have to have a prescription do you take medicare do you have access to a Dr. & does he need my files do you have an e-mail address thanks h - 8% more...
    Hope_beck- over a year ago - in Fiorinal
  4. link Mgodlove2
    Mgodlove2- over a year ago - in Fiorinal
  5. link Chenwil2000
    Fiorinal food colouring, migraine, rash
    After tablets have been discontinued, experiencing rash and intensifying of migraine...related to food colouring ???
    Chenwil2000- over a year ago - in Fiorinal
  6. link Eryn81
    Fiorinal anti inflammatory drugs, nsaids, fiornal, million times, hives
    I have been allergic to NSAIDS for some time now, but my Dr prescribed Fiornal for headaches related to MS. I asked him a million times if this was ok - 63% more...
    Eryn81- over a year ago - in Fiorinal
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