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  1. link Bentley12
    Hives on my back
    Hives on my back, itchy vagina, which then became raw and now i believe I am experiencing a yeast infection. Anyone else have similar experience? I di - 50% more...
    Bentley12- over a year ago - in Flagyl
  2. link Cqueen
    I had a sore throat while taking flagyl and now am experiencing hoarseness. I have been done with the fkagyl for a week.
    Cqueen- over a year ago - in Flagyl
  3. link Shellycollins
    Flagyl high liver count, walmart pharmacy, clinic appointment, walmart, rare side effect
    My family picked up some sort of "bug or germ" while vacationing in Bluefield,WV. We wanted a clinic appointment but got the ER!! They gave - 87% more...
    Shellycollins- over a year ago - in Flagyl
  4. link Tinknflo
    Flagyl procedural memory, mental confusion, balance issues, inhibitions
    severe mental confusion, loss of inhibitions, loss of short term and procedural memory, incontinence, balance issues.
    Tinknflo- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Flagyl
  5. link Flagyl
    only took one flagyl caused such bad gas cramps and now thrush?
    I was wondering if anyone took flagyl for first time and hours later had ungodly gas pains.I was too scared to take another one so i didn't but now al - 76% more...
    Flagyl- over a year ago - in Flagyl
  6. link Sksmith
    peripheral neurophathy
    I am wondering if anyone else taking flagyl long term has experienced numbness and tingling in their feet legs and hands.
    Sksmith- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Flagyl
  7. link Sickie
    Flagyl yellow eyes, july 4 2010, jerks, nausea, medication
    July 4, 2010 I didn't experience all the bad things people on this site have. I had a little nausea, but eating took care of that. Slight jerks, which - 59% more...
    Sickie- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Flagyl
  8. link Cspen
    Flagyl terrible taste, probiotics, yogurt, headaches, bv
    I have been on Flagyl for 5 days now. Feeling pretty exhausted! I have been laying around and not wanting to do much, which is not like me! I have had - 69% more...
    Cspen- over a year ago - in Flagyl
  9. link Sugarfootz
    Flagyl indigestion, doxycycline, puke, poop, couple of days
    i was taking this medication about a week ago and i had to stop early. i thought i was seriously dying from the flu or something., they had me on flag - 86% more...
    Sugarfootz- over a year ago - in Flagyl
  10. link Cvans6
    Flagyl thrush, clove, toothbrush, garlic, fur
    Anyone had white furry filling tongue from taking Flagyl? What can you do to make the white coating on the tongue go away?
    Cvans6- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Flagyl
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