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  1. link Maggie111111
    Fluconazole yeast infection, angelina jolie, rigt, right arm, hives
    My lip is swollen and right eyebrow and right leg two hives and right arm one hive. The exact same spots as the last time. We all thought this was lup - 48% more...
    Maggie111111- over a year ago - in Fluconazole
  2. link Khaboti
    What is the strength for a single dose for thrush?
    Khaboti- over a year ago - in Fluconazole
  3. link Dsy711
    Fluconazole swelling of the face, benedryl, diflucan, rash
    I had a severe reaction to Fluconazole. First time use from usually using diflucan. Rash, swelling of the face and extreme itching. I had to use bened - 3% more...
    Dsy711- over a year ago - in Fluconazole
  4. link Albdavs2003
    i just started this med.today and itch and tingle all over my body.plus i have not slept any tonight.misirable.
    Albdavs2003- over a year ago - in Fluconazole
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