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  1. link Cranialjax
    Fluorescein mild nausea, fluorescein angiogram, discolouration, diarrhoea, stools
    i had a fluorescein angiogram for my eye yesterday, apart from spectacular normal yellow effects in urine (by the way it makes semen look green!) i ha - 63% more...
    Cranialjax- over a year ago - in Fluorescein
  2. link Fig5516
    Fluorescein Dye side effects
    Can injection of fluorescein dye cause a hypothyroidism condition.
    Fig5516- over a year ago - in Fluorescein
  3. link Rbritten
    Fluorescein plavix and aspirin, severe itching, eye examination, britten, plavix
    After usual injection for eye examination there was subcutaneous blood leakage in a patch about 1 square inch on my right arm showing red color from t - 49% more...
    Rbritten- over a year ago - in Fluorescein
  4. link Bjbuttonparks
    Fluorescein heavy blood, horrible experience, angiogram, benadryl, diarrhea
    Was administered Fluorescein for eye angiogram. Within 2 minutes my face, arms, hands, torso, legs, face, lips went dark red, swelling, intense crampi - 82% more...
    Bjbuttonparks- over a year ago - in Fluorescein
  5. link Janetilly
    Fluorescein fluorescein angiogram, tingling in arm, tightness in chest, allergy, fingers
    6 days after having fluorescein angiogram I am still suffering the fiollowing symptoms: Tightness in chest, tingling in arm and hands, difficulty in b - 31% more...
    Janetilly- over a year ago - in Fluorescein
  6. link Easysolution
    Fluorescein retinal photography, severe itching, iv fluids, trouble breathing, heart rate
    My mom had fluorescein injection for retinal photography yesterday and in 5 min after injection she experienced flushing, dizziness, shaking, severe i - 68% more...
    Easysolution- over a year ago - in Fluorescein
  7. link Judyamuso
    Fluorescein benedryl, blood pressure, hives, epipen
    35 seconds after getting injected with fluorescein, I broke out with severe hives on my entire body. Benedryl and epipen did not relieve it, and I was - 64% more...
    Judyamuso- over a year ago - in Fluorescein
  8. link Spsingh
    Fluorescein inj lite and dark
    Kindly let me know how to prepare 10% and 25% lite and dark fluorescein inj and what is the difference between them and what are ingredient added duri - 10% more...
    Spsingh- over a year ago - in Fluorescein
  9. link Penelopern
    Fluorescein bee stings, benedryl, photgraphy, welts, scarey
    yesterday I received a retinal photgraphy test and was administered Fluorescein IV. Within a few minutes I experienced itching and flushing and welts - 69% more...
    Penelopern- over a year ago - in Fluorescein
  10. link Jbeck
    Fluorescein diarhia, red hot, welt
    My mother had severe diarhia, which was yellow, about 3 hours after injection. The site of the injection turned very red, hot, and painful with a welt - 10% more...
    Jbeck- over a year ago - in Fluorescein
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