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  1. link Rasheena
    my 6 day old exposed to furadantin now has a liver transplant.
    I'm not surprised that most of you mothers are complaining about this drug. I was prescribed this drug shortly after giving birth to my daughter for a - 83% more...
    Rasheena- over a year ago - in Furadantin
  2. link Dotte
    costs for furadantin
    I got a prescription for furadantin to treat my daughters UTI. I am very surprised. I paid $319 in the pharmacy at Walmart, and there is no generic to - 58% more...
    Dotte- over a year ago - in Furadantin
  3. link Mojo3
    Furadantin uti infection, antibiotic, antibiotics, stomach, medicine
    My daughter is 3 and has had recurring UTI infections for over a year now. She currently has a UTI infection that is resisting the antibiotics. She ha - 78% more...
    Mojo3- over a year ago - in Furadantin
  4. link Margaret29
    Is furadantin safe for a 10 month old?
    My 10 month old daughter had a UTI and a slight kidney infection and was hospitalized for 3 days with a fever over 104. She also had a VCUG and it cam - 74% more...
    Margaret29- over a year ago - in Furadantin
  5. link Antstwinkie
    Furadantin stomach ache, stomach pains, stomach upset, uti, twenty minutes
    My 4 year old daughter is taking furadantin for a UTI and after the first dose in the evening she did not want to eat her dinner. Later in the night s - 65% more...
    Antstwinkie- over a year ago - in Furadantin
  6. link Hmb30b
    Furadantin vcug, swicth, hives, uti
    My daughter is on it for a UTI and is awaiting a VCUG. She has had a horrible reaction with terrible red hives on her entire body. She also wakes up a - 24% more...
    Hmb30b- over a year ago - in Furadantin
  7. link Hswing
    Furadantin reflux, evenings, female infant
    In the evenings, I care for an 8 month-old female infant taking Furadantin Suspension each night, followed by formula for slight renal reflux. She imm - 58% more...
    Hswing- over a year ago - in Furadantin
  8. link Aristacats2
    furadantin and heartburn
    My daughter was just put on furadantin for a uti she is 2 years old. My question is has anyone ever experienced severe heartburn or esophagitis from t - 35% more...
    Aristacats2- over a year ago - in Furadantin
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