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  1. link Jacia
    use of gastrocrom
    I would like to know if gastrocrom is good for gastritis eosinofilica, from food allergy.
    Jacia- over a year ago - in Gastrocrom
  2. link Dragonfly248
    Gastrocrom mayo clinic, droped, light headed, blood pressure, snack
    Help ~ on Nov 14th, 2002 I was making a snack for my family (something I did alot) I suddenly started feeling VERY bad. I told my husbend I was going - 78% more...
    Dragonfly248- over a year ago - in Gastrocrom
  3. link Laurus
    Hello ! I would like to know, what kind of success you have had in treating a child's severe food allergies with Gastrocrom ?
    Laurus- over a year ago - in Gastrocrom
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