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  1. link Vonn920
    Gleevec myelogenous leukemia, lower jaw, cml, severe pain, leukemia
    I have been taking Gleevec 400mg once a day since May 6th and the first week I experienced nausea and a headache the next week I could hardly walk my - 60% more...
    Vonn920- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Gleevec
  2. link Mjbcoffee
    Gleevec medicine
    Is it possible that various side effects of Gleevec come and go with new ones occasionally showing up over time or are the ones you have when you begi - 32% more...
    Mjbcoffee- over a year ago - in Gleevec
  3. link Sabrinasmom
    Gleevec costs a LOT!
    Does anyone know where a person can donate Gleevec? I know my Dad spent a small fortune to buy Gleevec, and he bought a bunch before the end of the ye - 86% more...
    Sabrinasmom- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Gleevec
  4. link John1940
    nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy
    Has this drug helped persons with NFD/NSF due to the dye used in MRI's? My husband has been diagnosed with NFD/NSF and we just heard about this drug & - 40% more...
    John1940- over a year ago - in Gleevec
  5. link Hess
    Gleevec side effects and drug interactions
    I now have a severe cold and tried advil cold & sinus. Now I broke out into a rash. I had taken ibuprofen to relieve the bone pain but now with th - 30% more...
    Hess- over a year ago - in Gleevec
  6. link V_r_sreekanth
    Gleevec Information
    hi, My mom is suffering from advanced GIST.I just heard about Gleevec and its effectiveness.if you have any information about this please inform me. r - 19% more...
    V_r_sreekanth- over a year ago - in Gleevec
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