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  1. link Gogireddy
    Regarding Focus shift
    How to shift Focus from one window to another(in between siblings) using PEG Library
    Gogireddy- over a year ago - in Gris-PEG
  2. link Igetgreens
    I am taking Gris-Peg 250mg tablets to kill the ringworm on my scalp. It says for me to not drink acoholic beverages while taking this medication. What - 66% more...
    Igetgreens- over a year ago - in Gris-PEG
  3. link Killen
    Gris-PEG rash
    After 3 days I developed a severe rash under my arms and genetal area. It was small white bumbs and the area was very red. And it itched all the time.
    Killen- over a year ago - in Gris-PEG
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