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  1. link Jjwalker
    Habitrol ingredients
    I am deathly allergic to any product that has Alcohol in it and wondered if the transdermal patch has any Alcohol in it. I noticed that other stop smo - 42% more...
    Jjwalker- over a year ago - in Habitrol
  2. link Prettypeggy
    tongue tingling
    Shortly after applying the Habitrol 21 mg patch I noticed my tongue had started to tingle. What could possibly be the reason for this?
    Prettypeggy- over a year ago - in Habitrol
  3. link Michaels72
    Habitrol heart burn
    bad heart burn
    Michaels72- over a year ago - in Habitrol
  4. link Bobo81878
    Habitrol benedryl, thirty days, seven days
    After seven days of use,severe whelting and swelling of areas where patch was applied. After thirty days of non-use and benedryl treatment symptoms st - 25% more...
    Bobo81878- over a year ago - in Habitrol
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