Hand Sanitizer Side Effects

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  1. link Miss Jinx
    No, its not herpes...
    When I use hand sanitizer, at all, I break out in small blisters all over my hands, and sometimes my feet from all of the touching. These blisters can form into larger blisters. They are very painful. If the fluid isn't drained a very hard and even m - 85% more...
    Miss Jinx- over a year ago - in Hand Sanitizer
  2. link Taiover
    alcohol side effects to children
    I read an email today about a child who licked their hand which had hand sanitizer on it and became very ill with alcohol poisoning 85% alcohol blood count. Could this really happen or was it a scare story?
    Taiover- over a year ago - in Hand Sanitizer
  3. link Paulla29
    hand sanitizer and alcohol effects?
    I am a healthcare worker. Since most hand sanitizers contain alcohol, what effects could the alcohol absorption have on a developing fetus? Theoretically, could that cause FAS if the person used it a lot?
    Paulla29- over a year ago - in Hand Sanitizer
  4. link Jdd1010
    Palm of hands iching.
    Shortlly after using a hand sanitizer agressively at work, my palms started iching. This has not let up after stopping usage. Also the itch has not lessened. This is severe iching and has continued for 6 to 8 weeks now. Will this problem go away on i - 14% more...
    Jdd1010- over a year ago - in Hand Sanitizer
  5. link Dpufahl3
    Too Much Hand Sanitizer?
    Is using too much hand sanitizer bad for you?
    Dpufahl3- over a year ago - in Hand Sanitizer