Herceptin Side Effects

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  1. link Marciab
    Herceeptin has bad side effects
    During the cousre of my chemotherapy with Herceptin for a year, this chemo drug has caused Pulmonary Fobrosis and I am now very ill from this side effect. Does anyone know of an attorney that has a class action law suit with the makers of Herceptin? - 13% more...
    Marciab- over a year ago - in Herceptin
  2. link Lambsear51
    Herceptin cause Mouth Sensitivity?
    A day after receiving my first (very strong) infusion of herceptin, I noticed my tongue, cheeks, and lips very sensitive, as if I'd sipped a hot beverage and burned the tissues. Now, 10 days later, my mouth and tongue are still very sensitive -- and - 67% more...
    Lambsear51- over a year ago - in Herceptin
  3. link Delise54
    Herceptin air sacs, bateman, ventilator, lungs, cancer
    My friend just died Saturday from using Herceptin in treatment of her cancer. Herceptin fused and burned the air sacs in her lungs. She was placed on a ventilator in mid April. Such a loss to so many. Her name is Pat B.
    Delise54- over a year ago - in Herceptin
  4. link Ewe
    Breast cancer
    Myt wife is recently been a breast cancer survivor, she has finished all of her treatments and had surgery and is now on the road to recovery, my question is: Her doctor has her scheduled to recieve Herceptin for the next year every three weeks, is t - 17% more...
    Ewe- over a year ago - in Herceptin
  5. link Arya_azadi
    what hercceptine cost ?
    Arya_azadi- over a year ago - in Herceptin