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  1. link Klvandy11
    Histex painful joints, ankles, aching, hips, shoulders
    extremely painful joints. within 20 minutes of taking. lasts for hours. severe aching in shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, hips, knees and ankles.
    Klvandy11- over a year ago - in Histex
  2. link Kathy.brooks
    Histex cold flu, nurofen, fingernails, fingertips, allergy
    Skin on fingertips peeled off - worrying under fingernails and a little painful. It's happened twice using Nurofen Cold & Flu (much worse the 2nd - 31% more...
    Kathy.brooks- over a year ago - in Histex
  3. link Curlystraub
    Histex severe diaper rash, lathargic
    Severe diaper rash! Extremely lathargic.
    Curlystraub- over a year ago - in Histex
  4. link Vickwa6
    gives babies screaming fits
    Vickwa6- over a year ago - in Histex
  5. link Toby
    Histex dizziness
    extreme dizziness , sleepy , non- responsive to light
    Toby- over a year ago - in Histex
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