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  1. link Chet_roi
    with or without water?
    I am a retired RN and have been retired for a while. I was always taught that when you are taking a cough suppressant , you can not drink anything for - 49% more...
    Chet_roi- over a year ago - in Histussin D
  2. link Brett_willowbrook
    Histussin D histussin, headache
    I took Histussin for coughing. It made me very drowsy and had a headache upon waking.
    Brett_willowbrook- over a year ago - in Histussin D
  3. link Xx_hotchika_xx
    Histussin D histussin, prelone, azithromycin, recieved, vomiting
    On the first dose of this medicine, which I just recieved today, i experienced no side affects. I took this medicine along with Albuterol and Azithrom - 50% more...
    Xx_hotchika_xx- over a year ago - in Histussin D
  4. link Lbraselton
    Histussin D medicine taste, best medicine, congestion, tastes, allergies
    This is the best medicine I have taken for my allergies. I don't have congestion, no coughing or sneezing; it wakes me up and gives me energy. It also - 26% more...
    Lbraselton- over a year ago - in Histussin D
  5. link Nugalntn1
    Histussin D headache
    I took this drug for coughing. I fell asleep and upon waking I had a severe headache in the front of my head the worst I have ever had and I began thr - 6% more...
    Nugalntn1- over a year ago - in Histussin D
  6. link Pendragon_rx
    I have a 120 teaspoon bottle of Histussin, perscribed by my doctor. It says that it contains Chlorpheniramine Maleate... How much Chlorpheniramine Mal - 24% more...
    Pendragon_rx- over a year ago - in Histussin D
  7. link Phil
    Histussin D chronic runny nose, tbs
    Upon the 1st dose ( 1 tbs), before breakfast I experienced no side effects and an immediate suspension of a chronic runny nose.
    Phil- over a year ago - in Histussin D
  8. link Bartolian
    Histussin D espically, occuring, drowsiness, lungs
    strong drowsiness, and relief of pain, espically in the lungs and chest areas when severe coughing had been occuring.
    Bartolian- over a year ago - in Histussin D
  9. link Msdebiwade
    Histussin D rash
    i am itching alot and ive developed a rash
    Msdebiwade- over a year ago - in Histussin D
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