Humatrope Side Effects

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  1. link Hyacinthok
    Son died from this DRUG, he should have never been on it.
    I want a real lawyer who will take this on a class action. I was the first one to tell Eli LIlly about this. Then, their website went down for a very long time. I contacted the FDA and talked with a manager there who sent out more detailed informatio - 65% more...
    Hyacinthok- over a year ago - in Humatrope
  2. link Windstrig
    Joint pain when using Humatrope
    I began takng Humatrope about 3 years ago and for most of that time I have felt great with no side effects but lately all my joints ache when taking 1 IU of Humatrope daily. I stopped for a month and the joint pain subsided considerably. I then start - 45% more...
    Windstrig- over a year ago - in Humatrope