Hydrocortisone Side Effects

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  1. link Painfree4life
    Hydrocortisone mood swings, cant sleep, moday, massive weight, rare condition
    i hate this drug, its turned my world upside down,if nayone has to take these tabs for medical use ask every question you need, google it before you see your doctor. my story started last august,i woke 1 morning and my full body had swollen excessive - 77% more...
    Painfree4life- over a year ago - in Hydrocortisone
  2. link Swingdan
    Hydrocortisone side effects ?
    Has anyone experienced any odd occurrences from prolonged use of hydrocortisone cream, topically ?
    Swingdan- over a year ago - in Hydrocortisone
  3. link Lchew
    Hydrocortisone hydrocortisone 1, anal itching, cortisone, stiffness, thighs
    I have used this drug for several years for anal itching, hydrocortisone 1%, Recently I have had an onset of stiffness in my thighs and joints. I am wondering if I have used too much cortisone. Please let me know any effects I might experience from t - 2% more...
    Lchew- over a year ago - in Hydrocortisone