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  1. link Ssonia427
    Imodium i am a woman, mail, two occasions, aol, consecutive days
    I am a woman aged 57 and had severe diarrhea during the past week-end. I started to use immediately one imodium pill after a bowel and then another pi - 77% more...
    Ssonia427- over a year ago - in Imodium
  2. link Ajk008
    I have used imodium on and off for when i take exams and am in situations where i need it, but today i had tremendous amount of pain in my left side e - 33% more...
    Ajk008- over a year ago - in Imodium
  3. link Tkruse
    i had rumbling in my stomach, which made me think i had to use the bathroom but i didnt.
    Tkruse- over a year ago - in Imodium
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