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  1. link Bobbydodson
    Inderal LA - 160 mg
    Has Inderal LA - 160 MG been discontinued and if so what is the next best replacement?
    Bobbydodson- over a year ago - in Inderal
  2. link Lady2lodi
    Inderal medication, porphyria, aip, respect to
    Please help me know all side effects with this medication. I have Porphyria (AIP) form. Will this medication cause me any problems with respect to thi - 20% more...
    Lady2lodi- over a year ago - in Inderal
  3. link Stinnett1
    I have taken inderal since early 90's. I would like to know if this drug affects your memory in anyway?
    Stinnett1- over a year ago - in Inderal
  4. link Dointhewalk
    I have been taking inderal for about 3 weeks and It has caused a significant amount of weight gain, any one else no about this?
    Dointhewalk- over a year ago - in Inderal
  5. link Lharbold
    Inderal thrombocytopenic purpura
    thrombocytopenic purpura
    Lharbold- over a year ago - in Inderal
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