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  1. link Dsi6859221
    Indocin water retention, kindney, arthritis, possibilities, failure
    I just found out that I have water retention and possible kindney failure from taking Indocin for my Arthritis. Why did the Doctor not alert me to tho - 11% more...
    Dsi6859221- over a year ago - in Indocin
  2. link Lprevite
    can indocin cause you to have flushing of ones face episodes?
    Lprevite- over a year ago - in Indocin
  3. link Dima1221
    Indocin menstrual period
    Can Indocin delay your menstrual period?
    Dima1221- over a year ago - in Indocin
  4. link Enmcgraw
    Indocin side effects
    my grandfather(75) had severe bleeding requiring hospitalization and 2pints of blood after using this drug for only 3days.After many tests they couldn - 40% more...
    Enmcgraw- over a year ago - in Indocin
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