Indocin Side Effects

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  1. link Dsi6859221
    Indocin water retention, kindney, arthritis, possibilities, failure
    I just found out that I have water retention and possible kindney failure from taking Indocin for my Arthritis. Why did the Doctor not alert me to those possibilities.
    Dsi6859221- over a year ago - in Indocin
  2. link Lprevite
    can indocin cause you to have flushing of ones face episodes?
    Lprevite- over a year ago - in Indocin
  3. link Dima1221
    Indocin menstrual period
    Can Indocin delay your menstrual period?
    Dima1221- over a year ago - in Indocin
  4. link Enmcgraw
    Indocin side effects
    my grandfather(75) had severe bleeding requiring hospitalization and 2pints of blood after using this drug for only 3days.After many tests they couldn't find anything else that might be causing the bleeding. has anyone else had similar side effects?
    Enmcgraw- over a year ago - in Indocin