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  1. link Mk2112
    side effects of invega
    Does invega cause extreme headaches in some patients
    Mk2112- over a year ago - in Invega
  2. link Leelee1566
    Withdrawal side effects after stopping invega
    My Mother has been taking invega for severe depression along with Lexipro, Xanex and Cytomel. She has developed really bad shaking, really really bad - 81% more...
    Leelee1566- over a year ago - in Invega
  3. link Jennifere
    My son has been taking both Invega and depakote for roughly 2 months and just a week and a half ago, he has been torementing me about people who are w - 84% more...
    Jennifere- over a year ago - in Invega
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