Iron Side Effects

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  1. link Zehra_hamza
    iron polymaltose
    i need information about iron polymaltose. kindly add information about ironpolymaltose and send me on my emali address thanks
    Zehra_hamza- over a year ago - in Iron
  2. link Robin754
    Iron levels and treatment
    Doctor told me my iron ferratin level was 9.8. He said that wasn't that low, but another doctor told me to take 325mg of ferrous sulfate iron 3 times a day. I started to do that but after a total of 325mg a day my stomach was in pain and then went to - 58% more...
    Robin754- over a year ago - in Iron
  3. link Specwo
    Iron iron dextran, easy brusing, leg cramps, back ache, diahrrea
    I get weekly Iron Dextran Injections 2 mls. The day after the injection the diahrrea begins. I have Crohn's and it's seems to be really exacerbating my problem. I have been getting these shots intermittently for almost 5 years. Other side effects hav - 28% more...
    Specwo- over a year ago - in Iron
  4. link Psholmes
    Iron dysentry, doesnt matter
    It doesnt matter which iron I try but within 4 hours of taking it i get major dysentry. My iron count however is 25.
    Psholmes- over a year ago - in Iron