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  1. link Kennyclan
    heart flutters
    can anyone tell me is it normal to get heart flutters with this drug.My dr has prescribed 480 mg of this grug and since starting to take it I have hea - 8% more...
    Kennyclan- over a year ago - in Isoptin
  2. link Damnbird
    Isoptin breast bone
    tickle in middle of breast bone & start coughing
    Damnbird- over a year ago - in Isoptin
  3. link Harry
    Isoptin distended stomach, pigmentation, shins
    (1) brown pigmentation on top of arms and bottom of shins. (2) distended stomach
    Harry- over a year ago - in Isoptin
  4. link Damientan
    Isoptin stomach cramps, fatique, dizziness, constipation, headache
    Headache, stomach cramps, constipation, fatique and dizziness.
    Damientan- over a year ago - in Isoptin
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